Full Payment - Remaining Deposit & One Month's Rent

Good afternoon,
I would like to ask about deposit & one month’s rent. Yesterday I send full payment by “Pay by UK Bank Transfer” and I didn’t get any receipt. It is beacuse of weekend?
Thanks for help.

Hi Magdalena,

I can see we’ve now confirmed receipt of the final balance by email - any other questions about your tenancy, let us know.


Sorry to jump on your post. We are just starting the process of renting with Open Rent. I see it says Deposits and 1 months rent to be paid at contract signing. The property will not be available until mid June so would we pay the deposit etc 2 months before the property is available or when we acquire the keys? Many Thanks

Hi there,

By default, payment of the deposit and first month’s rent is due straight away once you’ve signed the contract.

Where you’re looking to make payment closer to the move-in date, you’ll need to discuss this with the landlord and agree a date for payment. As long as the landlord has agreed to the later payment date, we’re happy to accommodate this.

It’s worth getting agreement in writing (e.g. by email or text message) - this means you can refer back to it in case you forget or it is ever disputed.

Even if you’ve agreed a later payment date, we still strongly advise you make payment at least a few days before the start of the tenancy. This ensures there is sufficient time for the payment to reach us, so that we can notify the landlord - and avoids the risk of a delay to the start of your tenancy.