Furniture rental agreement - one off cost

Have any landlords provided a one off furniture rental cost to tenant.

For example, tenants are moving in, they want the furniture in the property. Rather than adding this in the monthly rent, they pay a one-off rental furniture rental amount of £x amount. Once paid they can continue to keep the furniture for the duration of the rental, however long the rental lasts.

Advantage, is that the landlord receives fee for furniture up front; and tenants don’t’ have to keep on paying for it if contract is renewed.

If you charge extra for the furniture why not build it into the rental then if they stay for 5 years you get a good return.

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I’m not sure I completely understand. Is this a fee or an additional rent amount? This sort of “fee” is prohibited under the Tenant Fees Act 2019 so you won’t be able to do this anyway. If you want to charge the tenants for furniture, this needs to be rolled into the rent as Tony suggested. Given the hassle of maintenance, potential damage and frequent replacement of furniture, I stopped offering furnished properties years ago. This has not affected my rent or my ability to attract good quality tenants.


Thanks it was more to cover the upfront cost of furniture purchase but take your pints

As Mita says, its not possible under TFA. Just increase the rent a little. Bear in mind though that if they decline the offer of the furniture, you may have the cost of removing and storing it.

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