Furnished or unfurnished

Hi how do I go about advertising that I would be happy to offer my property on either a furnished or unfurnished basis? Openrent options allows for “at tenants choice”? Do I state this in the property discussion and should the rental price reflect this? How much extra should I charge to cover the furnishings if the tenant wants to go for the furnished option? It is a 4 bedroom property. Appreciate any advice as this is my first time at trying to rent my property.

Advertise it as unfurnished and document it as such so you are comparable with the market
Make it clear in the advert it’s advertised as unfurnished
Then add on depending upon what you are offering or what the tenant wants
I add on between £50 and £100 PCM depending on what they need
Just remember you are responsible for furnishings so don’t under charge as you have to replace or repair what you provide
Beware they will try it on and tell you they thought it was advertised furnished so don’t take an

Thanks for that really appreciate the advice. Even if it’s advertised as unfurnished will tenants still enquire for furnished? Is it even worth putting something in the description that furnishing is negotiable? Cheers D

Yes they will enquire
Just put it in the description but be aware they will tell you the advert was furnished!!

Hi Dave, why would you want to let the property furnished? If tenants move their own stuff in they are likely to stay longer. And as stated in another reply, you are responsible for replacing/repairing stuff that gets broken. I have 2 btl and do supply white goods, as I think people expect those. Washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, fridge, freezer. No tumble dryer though. These are enough to have to repaor/replace. Seems a lot of extra hassle and not sure cost would balance?


Always let unfurnished. Your are responsible for furnishings if you provide them, potential leading to many a dispute over cleaning, condition etc. Plus the legal compliances of said furniture.

It’s enough to manage the wear & tear issues on the property without adding to the headache with loose furnishings. Unless you are renting student accommodation, most people these days expect unfurnished. If you provide furnishings and the tenant has their own, you are then faced with the problem of storing your furniture somewhere.

As Teresa says, they are more likely to stick around if they have to relocate all their own furnishings.