Gas safety check

Ooh where do I start
I have a managing agent due to a difficult tenant- But this hasn’t helped - she’s useless.
The tenant has now been off sick since Mid March originally saying he had Coronavirus Symptoms- self diagnosed
He is still off work, putting aside the short fall of rent and refusing to send any docs or evidence of this and not even bothering (he is a key worker- retail) to get a home testing kit, he refuses to allow me in to carry out a gas check or mortgage val - saying he will when the pandemic is over!
Let’s face it that can be a very long time !.

  1. If he has already had CV19 - (which he won’t confirm either way) he won’t catch it again- and the engineer would anyway wear PPE Anyway. At the same time my new boiler will not be co weed under the warranty due to no service. Check was due March.

  2. Although I have stated it’s a legal requirement I am not getting any further along

  3. How long do I leave this for, I feel he will never allow access- and I am beside myself trying to be reasonable with a truly and uncommunicative tenant who is playing a game. It’s pretty much the same regarding the arrears. I m being drip fed mo gb by month.

You might as well give him notice. This is not ever going to improve.