Gas safety checks

Hi guys
Here I am again has anyone had trouble sorting a gas safety check/boiler service for their properties.
I have a service /breakdown contract and the provider is saying they are awaiting government guidance. I appreciate we are still restricted by lockdown but is this just a case of being patient and not worrying that I have exceeded the 12 month guidance on safety checks for rented properties.

Please see this link, might answer your questions and also has a link to latest government instruction on the subject.

Gas Safety Inspection & Social Distancing Guidelines Dilemma

Hi Carole, there’s lots of information on this in this guide.


Your provider is pulling your leg, not wanting to do the job!

Safety Checks can continue , provided that the GOV.UK guidance on social distancing is followed. For different scenarios including a gas leak see this link (call the gas emergency service provider on 0800 111 999) and government advice to landlords and tenants page 19.

get somone else There are plenty of guys who will do the job

I think you are right it is part of a annual cover plan I have. I am going to ring them after reading gov guidance.
Thanks Carole

I have just arranged 2 for next week. Tenants appreciate its for their safety. and plenty of engineers need the work especially if self employed

The firm we use restarted work last month. No problems at all since then and tenants are pleased we are keeping them safe so happy to grant access.