Getting 1st months rent and deposit

Can i get back both the depo and 1sr months rent even after being in the property for just one day, not going to go into detail but basically im happy with the property, as there was nothing stated in the tenancy agreement that says i can’t and i haven’t any law or anyone say u can’t, after just day being at the property obv cant get the 1st months rent back after a month, but it’s only 1 day?

You have signed a legal agreement??? You are happy and after a day want to leave??? You have paid, got the keys, you are in a contract

Hi Julian, if you have signed a tenancy agreement with a fixed term, then you will be bound by the terms of the agreement until the fixed term ends. You can end the tenancy by mutual consent before the end of the fixed term but only if the landlord agrees. Alternatively, you can wait until the end of the fixed term and move out.

I agree with Sam: talk to the landlord about getting out early. However, I would expect him to return the deposit when you formally leave at the mutually agreed date, but not the rent for one or more months: see if you can agree to pay the rent for the period it remains void, and help him fill it if necessary! Not sure I was clear: you are committed for six months to pay the rent for that period. By negotiation, with landlord agreement, you can leave earlier and only pay rent for the agreed time. That time will be one or more months until a replacement tenant is found.
However, he does not have to do anything, and just take in the rent money, and if you stop paying it he can use a Sect 8 notice after two months to evict you, which means you are liable to pay rent for at least four months if that happens.
If that is not acceptable to you, you can ask if you can sublet. If the landlord agrees, then you take on all the responsibilities of a landlord with its attendant risks until the person you find to live there leaves, and they will be committed to stay for at least six months too! That I think would be a nightmare scenario!

By law your can get out of your contract within 14 days of signing after this period your contract is effective but you must have a good reason why you can’t go ahead with the contract

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Where did you get this “law” from?

Confusing distance selling and/or other types of service contract with Renting…

There is no cooling off for Renting, holidays etc.

Yes, I would speak to the landlord. If its an Openrent one, they are by nature very reasonable as part of thier drive for being and Openrent Landlord is being reasonable to tenants as opposed to Agents quite a few of which are sharks.

BUT - vacant possession is a real cost to a landlord, however, re-renting via Openrent can be very quick - you may need to pay a reasonable landlord the vacant gap between your leaving and his re-renting, which could be just a matter of a few days depending on the market. That would be my advise.

There is a lot of talk about abolishing section 21 to increase tenant stability, what about landlord stability. The tenancy agreement is a double edged sword, some people are advocating a three year tenancy, however long the tenancy it is a legally binding agreement. Expecting to get out after one day is very puzzling, especially since you state that your happy with the property.

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