Getting Tenants out advice please

Hi everyone,
I’m hoping someone can help…
My tenants have been in since July 2019 & always paid in instalments throughout the month (sometimes a day or 2 late but they always let me know)
Since December they have paid bits here & there but now owe 2 months rent with another month almost due & little communication from them.
I keep asking how much they can pay each week (he is in & out of work) & I just keep getting “I don’t know” despite me trying to be reasonable & set up a payment plan.
They have let the property go to ruin, broken a wardrobe mirror, created mould, damaged all the window sills etc. They need to go!
My question is the best way forward & what on earth I need to do? Also, they have a guarantor.
Do I give them notice to leave & write to them formally to give them 2 months notice stating that the rent needs to cleared by the time they go & copy in the guarantor?
Do I chase the money first from the tenants & guarantor and then serve them notice?
Do I need to serve some sort of eviction notice or seek legal advice?

Also, I am aware that I can change 3% interest from 14 days after the money is due. Is this calculated daily (ie £750pcm rent = £22p/day until the rent is paid, £44p/day for 2 months rent etc??) how do I apply this? Can it be collected through open rent? I appreciate that this seems heavy handed but feel like they are just going to keep fobbing me off so will need to recoup this if I have to go to court etc.

Any advice greatly received & apologies for such a long posting!!

Thank you fellow landlords!!

Your problem is that there is no quick way to get them out. S21 notices are currently 6 months and it will likely take nearer 18 months to evict an uncooperative tenant. If the arrears get to 6 months owing then you can serve a shorter notice and in theory get priority from courts/bailiffs. However, it will still take many months. Have they applied for benefits to pay the rent?If they are paying something I would try to manage them for now, especially in regard to looking after the property better.

Thank you David,
I have asked them to speak to both the guarantor & to seek additional benefits on a number of occasions.
I have now emailed them and the guarantor to state that arrears must be paid by Friday or I will start the eviction process which I understand is 6 months.
Understandably the guarantor is not happy that they didn’t let her know & that I am having to get ‘heavy’ so hopefully this will clear the debt & I can serve them notice so I can gut the property & make it habitable again!

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