Giving access to secondary user on existing account

I am a happy user of OpenRent and have started using more of its services including the rent collection system. I employ a bookkeeper and would like to give her access to tenancy agreements, account history etc. I am quite happy about giving access to all functionality of OR to her, but she would not have any need to amend property descriptions etc.

I don’t really want to share login credentials, and I really don’t want to share my google account credentials with her (especially as I may opt for 2FA very soon), so is there a way of giving access to a second user?

Part of the problem is that I do not get pdf invoices for purchase of (e.g.) rent guarantee insurance. These are the sorts of documents that accountants get very excited about.

I apologize if this is a FAQ and that I’ve missed something obvious.


Hi Steve, really glad to hear you’re enjoying our service and find our newer features useful!

There isn’t currently a way to give someone who isn’t you access to your account, unless you share your account details with them and they log in ‘as you’.

You can find downloadable invoices for all your OpenRent payments here, including RGI :slight_smile:

This is another new(ish) feature I hope you find useful!

Oh, that link to the payment history is very useful. Thanks! And thanks for the rapid response.

Is there any way to login just with an email address, rather than using Google for authentication?