Can I log on to a friends OpenRent account to help them deal with tenant enquiries etc

Hi everyone

Hope someone can help me with this.

I’m a landlord with OpenRent and know someone that has an OpenRent account and wants to rent out their property, but is nervous about the whole procedure. Dealing with prospective tenant’s enquiries etc. Is it possible for me to log on to their account and assist them until they feel confident enough to do this themselves ?


If they can’t do the very basic admin to let a property, perhaps being a landlord is not the best choice for them.

Anyone could share their account details with someone else, so yes.

What will happen the first time there is a dispute over something? Are they up to the task? If not they should give it up or get a fully managed service from a local agent.

OpenRent doesn’t do authentication (where you get one-time passcodes sent to your mobile or email) when you log in so yes, provided you have the other person’s username and password you can log in “as them”.

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