Giving notice versus eviction (1st time landlord!)

New landlord alert…
We are hoping to sell our flat that we rent out (periodic tenancy) and had put it on the market. We never really wanted to be landlords (hectic day jobs) and it’s a complex situation but we want to buy a family home.
Does this new eviction rule mean you can’t serve notice completely or is is that you can’t make the move in the courts to evict? As in can I ask them nicely if they will leave and hope for the best…
Obviously they probably have a lot of power in that they know they can say no and wait until Feb/March if they wanted that so had also thought about suggesting a reduced rent with them if they were willing to find somewhere else. Not sure if that is okay either. Any thoughts very much welcome!

You can serve notice but the notice is now 6 months. If they choose not to leave after the notice then you are likely to have a long wait after the 6 months. You can ask them nicely to leave earlier and offer an incentive to do so. I’d do that as a leaving bonus rather than reduced rent as depending on the tenant they could take the reduced rent and then not leave.


Maybe not for you but you could sell at auction with tenants in-situ. Price achieved may be lower of course

Thanks so much for your reply- that’s really helpful.

Are their companies that specialise in the auctions? Could be an option!

Look up one near to you.

Have sent DM too not sure if it sent.

Give them money towards/pay for their moving costs when they actually give you the keys and surrender their tenancy. Get a receipt and agreement to their surrender in writing. Maybe even be a bit proactive, do some research and give them a couple of alternative accommodation for them to follow up on. A lot less hastle than a formal Notice, fees and delays that could drag on for weeks and weeks.

Would love to jump in here, I wanna sell my place, divorcing and need the cash, tenants were amazing but on telling them I was going to put house on market and end tenancy they demanded I evict them,now they are asking for six months notice, which I know is four months four June. 1st. How do I discover what kind of tenancy I have with them via open rent, ie.what name is it cause I can give em notice if it’s a periodic or fixed term that’s ended.think they are hoping to get on council list…,omg how is this happening to me x

Read your contract to find out the type of contract. It’s likely to be an AST
Serve notice after 1 June as it’s a four month notice period