Going to evict tenant for rent arears

how much rent arears before eviction? Thanks

would like to know quickly as possible thanks for your help .

If it’s a section 8 notice I think it’s 2 months … if the contract is periodic a section 20 notice can be issued … you don’t have to give a reason … I am currently in this position with my tenant … I have legal and rent insurance so it’s in the hands of the insurance solicitors .
Prior to issuing a section 20 … just make sure you have all your documents in order … tenant had a copy of the EPC … Right to Rent info … pescribed information ( deposit ) .
Get advice … as it can be thrown out at court if documentation is incorrect or missing … or date incorrect on the notice … I paid my solicitor the first time this happened to ensure it was correct … fortunately they left .
Best of luck

Yes if the tenants are more than 8 weeks’ in arrears then the court will definitely grant you possession.

If its less than that you can still serve a section 8 but it’s up to the courts.

thanks for your answers both of you. I have managed to have some other help since my post on here . Nic I am the tenant not a landlord. Neil thanks for your help i have been given a section 21 if that is the same as a section 20?

I wsaid to speak to citizens advise who were very good. I had got a section 8 and a section 21 at the same time for rent arrears but it is all sorted now because they got the counsil involved and now the landlord is not going want me to leave . I did not have enough arears for the section 8 and they did not do the section 21 properly neither !

HI Eileen, great to hear you’re not in danger of eviction.

Because this is a tenant-focussed thread, I’m just going to move it over to the tenant category :slight_smile: