S.21 how for court evictions

Hi everyone I’m new here, the end of my section 21 is due to end at the end of this month. If I decide to stay on how long would the waiting list be for court evictions. I am also not in arrears. I also paid 2 months deposit and 1 months rent when I initially moved in back in early 2019. Thanks all

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The waiting list is several months, but you should be aware of two things. The first is that you will likely end up paying the legal costs of evicting you, currently about £500 plus any reasonable solicitor costs. The second is that it will mean that you have been sued in court and there is no going back from that. At a time when competition for rental properties is intense the most valuable asset a prospective tenant has is their reputation. It is relatively easy for a new landlord to learn of your track record as a tenant and most will not consider you under those circumstances.

If you are likely to rent again in the UK then I suggest you try to negotiate more time with the landlord and handle things amicably.


2 months deposit? Maybe the notice they give you is not valid…

I understand about their legal fees and being liable for it at the end.

But why is the council and cab advising people to stay until the last minute otherwise you are making yourself intentionally homeless.

I will try to and as long as I continue paying the rent the had to stand for something.

Thanks for this I will look into it

advising them to stay to the last minute because the council cannot house them and they want to keep them in someone elses place as long as possible. You cannot trust the local councils

As Colin says, its for the convenience of the Council rather than the tenant. They simply don’t have the resources to help everyone under threat of eviction. The CAB should know better, but they hope that most landlords won’t bother suing the tenant for their costs and so they don’t mention the liability. However, they are likewise under pressure so that is probably also a factor.