Granny annexes and type of tenancy

Hi I converted my double garage into a granny annexe for my mum . This is attached to the main house where I live . There is a shared back gate to access the door to the annexe , the annexe is self contained including own back door . The utilities are served through one meter in our house .
I am now wanting to rent this to a nurse local to where we live . Could this be a lodging arrangement?
Or a non assured tenancy ?

I dont believe it can be a licence as youre not sharing living space. I dont think its clear cut as a non-assured tenancy either. Its attached to the house and presumably contemporary with it and I think you could argue that its therefore “in the same building”, but a tenant might later refute that.

If you want to rely on it being a common law tenancy I would suggest you get a written legal opinion from a specialist lawyer, from a firm such as JMW or Anthony Gold.

Is the heating and electric all separate from the main house?

Thanks all for the advice, I was reading an article written by the support team in this site who say that if you are planning to let out a self contained annexe/: granny flat then it is a non assured tenancy . I have just however joined the NRLA and they are telling me it’s an assured short term tenancy .
The annexe has separate electricity however comes under 1 meter system which serves both the house and annexe

So confused!

Its because its a bit of a grey area. For example, a granny annexe would not be a non-assured tenancy if it was detached from the property in which you live, as with some converted garages. Likewise, it would not be non-assured if it were purpose built. It can really only be non-assured if you or your predecessors converted it from part of the building in which you now live. As I said, it would be best to have a legal opinion you could rely on, (which means paying for it I’m afraid).

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