Guarantor - Can I ask for loss of Rent


I found out that my tenants were leaving (I was asked for a reference) on the 12th March 2021. I was thrilled but did email them to say that they should give me one months notice. They moved out on the 22nd March and I agreed (email) that I would waiver the rent till the 12th April but they were responsible for the bills up to and including the 12th April.

Their deposit is £725 and the damage amounts to £816. The deposit sits with the DPS and the Tenants are disputing my claim.

My question is can I go to the Guarantor and not only asked for the £816 which is damage to carpets, fly-tipping (which the Management Company of the building are charging me for) and cleaning charges but also the loss of Rent?

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DPS outcome is final. If they adjudicate against you you cannot appeal. If you are worried you are going to lose your dispute I would advise you to take it to MCOL online and stop adjudication if it has started. You could claim it for against the guarantor at that point.
Speak to DPS to see what you want to do

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