Guarantor passed referencing for me and cost of my room, is now responsible for the entire house?

I applied for a room advertised as a double room in a shared house, with a specific price for that room only. During my referencing I needed to provide a guarantor to prove my affordability, which was not a problem, and my guarantor passed the referencing for said room.

However, Ive now received a tenancy agreement to sign, also sent to my guarantor, and rather than being just my guarantor he is now liable for the entire house, including the two other tenants, who were not asked for guarantors as they are both employed full time and didn’t need one. This has made my guarantor very uncomfortable as he does not want to be held responsible in case either of them defaults.

The landlord claimed that because its a joint tenancy, he must be the guarantor for the entire rent. However, he (and I) feel misinformed as the ad I applied for is for a room in a shared house, with the room price stated.

There must be a way the contract can be amended so that he is my guarantor only, as the other two tenants didnt need one?

Tell the landlord that there is such a thing as a limited guarantor agreement where only your share of rent and costs would be guaranteed. The NRLA has a template and there are probably others available.

You should be aware though that with a joint tenancy, each tenant is legally liable for all the rent and if others default it would fall to you.


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