Heating with live in landlord

I live in a house shere where the landlord is live in and pays all the bills. For the last couple of months he has been working abroad and left the heating on a schedule which has been cold but manageable. This week with temperatures dropping below zero the heating hasn’t been working and I have been shivering in the evenings as it hasn’t been on at all in the evenings. What are my rights like I have a tenancy agreement and we have no control over the temperature. When I asked he sets it to like 15 degrees between 5-9 (he said it should be warm when I get home) and 16 between 9-12 and it’s so cold. It’s not fun being at home and shivering. What can I do to make him put the heating on I even offered to give a heating top up on the rent because I was so cold.

Buy a cheap fan heater whilst you look for somewhere new to live.

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Good idea. Plug in electric heaters will likely cost the landlord a lot more than gas central heating.

I don’t get it. You say its a house share. So you will spend most of your time in your room. So get a plug-in heater for your room. Why you care about other areas of the house?

Even lodgers need to use the bathroom sometimes mate :rofl:.

I would go for the plug in heater option, although you might need to check your agreement as because they are more expensive some contracts will require you not to use them.
Would still ask the landlord to change the heating - you can phrase it as helping them keep costs down, since otherwise you need to be using the heater.

Also, if you can afford it and expect to need to use it long term, I would go for an oil filled radiator rather than a fan heater, as heated air is not so good for your health.

You should change your apartment and find one which is suitable for you.