No Heating - 12c Maximum through out the day

I live in block of 8 flats which share one central heating system, there is no way to access it to turn off or on the heating also there is no thermostat to dictate when it comes on either. Its freezing and getting colder, I have set a thermometer to record the temperature and over the last week its never reached over 12.5c, At its coldest 11c. I was told the heating comes on when it does. Being at home throughout the day I check the radiators and they’ve never been remotely warm. I’ve emailed about the issue no reply yet! I would like to know the laws on minimum temperature that it should be so I can got back to them with it if necessary. Three fleeces layered up still isn’t keeping me warm.

I don’t think you need to prove minimum temperature etc. if you rent your apartment , I believe you have the right to enjoy warmth - especially if you are paying the energy bill yourself or included in your rent.

If I were you I could get myself portable heater to keep warm while I keep chasing the LL or estate agents.

If the bill is included in your rent , it won’t cost more to run portable heater except the initial cost of buying it/them

If you pay our energy bill separately , then I will be mad at the LL

In summary , I think there is min temperature by law. You the occupant decide the threshold. Hope it helps

This sounds unsuitable as a rental property in its current condition. Call in your local Environmental Health Officer who will have the power to force the landlord to act if they believe there should be a supplementary form of heating installed.


Hope this helps suggest you contact your landlord immediately and ask him to supply some alternative heating.Landlords are responsible for making sure that the entire heating system is operational and sufficient to keep the property warm throughout the winter. The minimum acceptable standards are to be able to maintain at least 18°C in sleeping rooms and 21°C in living rooms when the temperature outside is minus 1°C.


Thank you all for your messages. I’m still waiting for this to be resolved. It’s been nearly three weeks and the letting agents still don’t have an answer. Although you say i “don’t need to prove” the temperature I do as this thermometer records data constantly and I’m able to see any temperature fluctuations. For the past 3 weeks it’s been between 11-13 oc. And at a humidity level of 70+. It’s now Christmas and won’t be resolved anytime soon. Would you say now is the time to contact citizens advice or council??

Also they haven’t supplied any alternative heating in the mean time. I bought an oil filled heater only one cos isn’t all I could afford, it drains the electricity about £3-4 a day depending on use, but I’m cold it’s horrible. I can only heat one room at a time due to the one heater. Going to bed everything’s cold, getting out in the morning it’s also cold. I can keep a bottle of water cold forever. Please help as I just want to not pay rent due to the how they’ve gone about said issue!

Why didn’t you contact Environmental Health at your Council 20 days ago when you first posted? Nothing is going to happen now until early January.

This is my first time renting, I genuinely don’t know what to do. I just though I’d give them sometime. Upon speaking to another resident of the flat they confirmed that they also have heating issues and nothing has been done for over a year. I should’ve been quicker. I’m just gonna gather enough stuff to give to whoever I go to and prove that the agents and landlord have been lacking! To provide sufficient heating.