Holding deposit refund


The landlord has put some custom clauses to the contract which we didnt agree to at the time when we put an offer to him.
We cannot agree with these custom clauses and he is not happy to remove these custom clauses.

how do we go about it now.



Pankaj. Go somewhere else . he may do other things you do not like.

Do we lose our holding deposit?
How is our holding deposit protected?

Hi Pankaj, no you would not lose your holding deposit in the case as you have described it. If not already, then get in touch with our team at https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions and they will help you :slight_smile:


I have a similar problem. The problem is just that over the phone, the landlord after me paying the holdings deposit, the landlord discusses about his opinions and asked lot of questions expressing his disinterest, along with a clause that the property needs to be viewed. But did not disclose the time of the viewing appointment. Could this be a case of landlord gaining intentions of securing the holding deposit? I have observed and experienced cases like these… Could someone look into it, and advice me what is the best action to take. I agreed everything he told me, just that he is not responsive over the Open Rent chat board. I believe decisions need to be made quick.

do you mean you paid a holding deposit before you had seen the property?

Hi! I have a tenant who has paid one week holding deposit whilst we issue him a 12 month contract and carry out referencing. One he signed the 12 month contract and pays the 5 week deposit (which is held in the DSG), how do I return him his one week holding deposit - or is this automatically returned/adjusted by Rent Now process?


Hi Shaheen, the holding deposit is automatically put towards to tenant’s move-in money, so there’s no need to do anything :slight_smile: