Can get back my Refund

Hello, I was interested one of the property in LS8 went to viewing. I found out their all guys so change my mind not interested again. I send text to landlord no response yet need my deposit back.

Landlord has right to keep it, a holding deposit should only be paid once you are sure you want the property.

You have now backed out and forfeit deposit. If it’s only been a day or 2 the LL may be generous but doesn’t have to be.

My reply was based on if deposit was paid after viewing.

Why did you pay a deposit ?

Yes, why did you pay a holding deposit before even viewing it? I think under the circumstances you may be able to get the deposit back, but you should contact Openrent to facilitate that.

David they did view but changed mind

Yes, but if the holding deposit was taken before the viewing, there may be a technical breach of the Tenant Fees Act. I say may, because I am assuming that it was paid through Openrent and I have no idea how they process this.

Did you pay before or after you viewed?

I view before payment.

In that case you have no right to refund. It’s at landlords discretion.

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Yes, thats probably correct.

next timeyou need to be sure that you want the place and ask all the questions first . Get all the facts and not be too hasty

Am not interested again, I just need a Refund

Am not interested? You have no right to a refund, a holding deposit paid after viewing is non refundable if you change your mind or lie on an application. That is what it’s for!

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You might ‘need’ your deposit back but it sounds like you probably aren’t entitled to a refund. If you agreed to take the accommodation and paid a holding deposit on that basis, if you pull out, you lose the deposit.

That’s because the landlord might incur costs such as referencing, paying for contract etc which will be wasted if you pull out. And they will have stopped advertising the accommodation, so will potentially lose out on rental income too.

Guide to holding deposits - Shelter England.

The landlord might give you a refund, but it is at their discretion, but they don’t have to.

Also, posting on this forum won’t make it happen - we are all just landlords or other tenants. We’re just trying to help you understand the position.


Did you leave 1 weeks rent as a deposit or was it more?

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