How can my tenant edit the email address at renewal?

Hi, I have a renewal coming and sent new contract to the tenants. The guarantor’s email address on the tenancy is no longer valid and she no longer has access to it. Is merge account going to help if she cant log into her email account? What is the best way to do this? She has tried the verify account method but I can still see her old email from my end. Any suggestions?

Hi Vishal, the guarantor can easily change her email address for her existing account.

Just ask her to follow these instructions.

Thanks Sam.

She can not log into the open rent account with old address unfortunately. As she does not have access to the email address - she cant even use forgot password function.

Oh so she’s forgotten her OpenRent password and her email password?

Yes, I think it was her work email address and can not access it any more.

so, she’s forgotten her openrent password and emal no longer with her.

Please help. :cry:

Oh no! OK it sounds like she’ll just have to create a new account with a new email, etc.


She already has an account with a new email but we need to add her new email to the tenancy so she can see it on the new account. … I dont know how to do that.