How do I inform the tenants I want to increase the rent?

Hi My tenants have been in my property since 2016 and I’ve never increased the rent as it has always covered the bills and added to a repairs fund. my purpose has been to keep the property for a retirement fund. However with the cost of living I need to start earning an income and to be able to cover the cost of the mortgage and management fees.

Is there a letter template anywhere or do I need to use a specific form from the government website.

I used form 4 which is on government website. I did after 3 years and it is better to speak first as receiving a form without pre knowledge might not be received well. Even then my tenancy only survived 8 months before things are getting broken by the day! I am not saying yours will but that is my experience. I will from now on increase little amounts rather than giving them the opportunity to stay with a low rent. Some seems to ignore that fact they enjoyed no rise for some time and thinking that you are a monster LL bringing the rent closer to market value!

Does your tenancy agreement have a clause about rent increases? If so then you must follow it. If the tenancy is now periodic you can use a s13 notice form 4 as above.

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Perfect, Thanks. Yes I’ve sent them an email under the mutual agreement guidance and then I’ll send them a section 13 form 4

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