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How to Calculate Pro Rata Rent

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At the beginning and end of tenancies, landlords and tenants often need to calculate pro rata rent. Luckily, it’s really simple and we’ll show you exactly how to do it. Definition of Pro Rata ‘Pro rata’ means divided in proportion.For example, if a tenant moves out of a property halfway through the monthly rental period,…

Hi Sam

Your information posts are always helpful, but I just wanted to let forum members know that the Tenant Fees Act 2019 specifically defines how one weeks rent must be calculated, which is:

monthly rent x 12 / 52

I haven’t used your calculator so I don’t know if this is how it works, but I thought I’d just spell this out for anyone who reads the article and thinks they should just multiply the daily rate from your calculation above by 7. This may or may not come to the same figure, but if there is a discrepancy, then they may inadvertently breach the Tenant Fees Act and invalidate any s21 they may later serve.

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