How to contact landlords/agents in OpenRent?

Hello there,

I’m actually looking for a 2bed flat, but it’s getting reeeally tough…
This Saturday, I saw a flat that was just advertised 2h before I saw the ad, so I called “the agent”, but there is never the option of actually talking with the “agent” or the landlord, they just send you details or give you the option of sending a message…
Today, I was about to call again, but to my surprise, the flat is already under offer and nobody has replied to my messages.
Does anyone know if there is an option to actually call the agent/landlord? And how is it that there are some people that can state an offer? I think I was quick enough to be among the first people sending a message, but I got no reply.

Hope someone can help me! Hope to hear from you soon,

On openrent, there shouldn’t be any agents, that’s the whole point. Individual landlords don’t want to be hassled or give out their private numbers, that’s one of the benefits of openrent to us, we don’t want to speak to anyone until we are down to negotiating the lease. We can have 100 people apply for a flat and we can’t possibly give out private numbers to so many strangers.

Hi @Eva4

We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve not been successful with some of your enquiries. We know that the market is really busy for tenants at the moment and it can take a while to find a property that works out.

Where possible we recommend that you send the landlord a written message using either the “Ask a Question” or “Request Viewing” buttons. We’ve got a guide on how to write an engaging enquiry here.

Given how quickly properties are going at the moment we also recommend that you set up an email alert for properties that meet your requirements. That way we’ll let you know when a new property becomes available: