Inquiries through OpenRent are all from agents

All of the inquiries from prospective tenants that I’ve received through OpenRent have been from agents wanting to manage my property for me. None of the messages were upfront about this and posed as tenants. All asked to have a call so they could “ask a question” or “tell me about themselves”. All were a total waste of time.

Is anyone else seeing this? There’s supposed to be a way to tag the messages as spam, but I don’t see a way to do that.

I’ve never had this, so it may be in some geographical areas more than others. There is a ‘report’ option to notify Openrent of this type of enquiry. I’ve seen it somewhere when viewing the enquiries online.

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When it’s a dud enquiry click declined
It comes up with a list so you can let open rent know or email them directly

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@Jm1 Is your property located in a tourist area? We experienced this the first time we used Openrent when renting a property in Bath. After a few enquiries, we learnt how to spot them (they always started off telling us how fabulous our property was). For every enquiry we receive, we have a standard response requesting basic information regarding employment status, current living arrangements etc that weedle out these agents who I believe want to sublet via short term contracts either for holidays or jobs etc.
We only experienced this with this with one property. On other properties not in tourist locations we were not contacted by any other agents. Have you considered putting in your property description a note along the lines of ‘No enquiries from letting agents will be considered’ or somthing of that nature.
Previously we used a letting agent to market out properties and I think one of the disadvantages of OpenRent is that you do have to filter all the unsuitable enquiries that letting agents do on your behalf, however, the advantage is, for those remaining you are in control of who to rent to.

Yes, flat is in Soho. So very touristy. I did amend the description to say no letting agents. That stopped the inquiries for the most part. There were still individuals who wanted to manage it for me who claimed they weren’t agents. It was a crazy experience.

Thanks for the suggestion.