How to get the current tenants to clean house?

I have a tenant checking out soon looking at other comments it looks like I cant insist on them paying for a deep clean ? and I have to pay for this?

The bathroom is pretty disgusting and clearly isn’t as clean as when they moved in.

You can’t insist on a professional clean, but you can bill them for the cost of a professional clean if they haven’t left to a satisfactory standard.


what is “clean” is subjective, and factors like normal wear and tear are also subjective. you’re going to have to suck it up and get it done yourself. less time you spend thinking about it the quicker it will be over. I find spending 4-5 hours cleaning on my hands and knees once every couple of years is good for the soul!


When you mention money, it always gets T’s attention. You may want to send them an e-mail, saying that you expect property to be cleaned to the same standard as it was when they moved in (that’s their responsibility). Otherwise, any expenses for professional cleaning or furniture removal (if relevant) will be deducted from deposit. It did a good one on us with our dirty T moving out. The flat is spotless ))) We sent the same message previously to a real scammer T, who never paid their rent and was evicted. But they also cleaned everything well in hope of getting their deposit back ))). See if it works.
All the best.


I value the sand in my hourglass too much to be clearing up someone else’s grime who couldn’t be arsed.

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Do you mean to say you’re using professional cleaning service and pass the cost to the T?

Yes, just that. Where it warrants it. A detailed inventory can smooth things.

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I just wonder what is the success rate for claims from deposit for professional cleaning?

NOt when you have arthritis.

Really? I thought there is a check-in inventory process and there will be a check-out one too. If there is significant difference in the conditions I expect tenants to be responsible for that.
I don’t mean to rip them off but think that’s fair because either I personally cleaned or hired someone cleaning before tenancy starts.

You can have a friendly chat with your tenant, let them know your concerns about the cleanliness, and see if they’re open to tidying things up before moving out. If it’s not mentioned in the lease, you might need to handle the deep clean yourself, but staying positive and having an open conversation can go a long way in resolving the issue.

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so who’s going to do it then? your new tenants are due to move in three days later…

A local cleaning company I know can usually provide cleaners within a few days, sometimes same day even.

A week or two between tenants is fine, gives me chance to get things done.

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obviously it depends on situation and type of tenant and property, e.g. if I was letting to a company (I used to let to Bentley cars for example) I would expect them to pay, but in many cases do you really want weeks of haggling over small things? especially if the tenants are difficult anyway or kind of mentally impaired, just get on with it and do it, you will learn a lot about your property, a lot about maintenance, identify a lot of small things that need fixing before they become big things, find piles of crap under the fridge, etc. I find it a useful process once every couple of years.

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Hi all
Interesting read as I have just gone through something similar at the end of my first tenancy.
I am looking for a clause to add into my tenancy agreement regarding cleaning to an acceptable standard and if not they will be billed/deposit used for a professional clean.
Would anyone be able to share?

I would politely let your tenants know that the top reason for deposit deductions is cleanliness. I always tell my tenants that this is usually because people

do not realise until it is too late just how much there is to do.

In my experience (20 years as a LL)I usually mention at the start of the tenancy that the property has been professionally cleaned and point out to the new tenants how clean and sparking everything is. They always agree and thank me.
During the last month of their tenancy I remind them of this and suggest that its a big undertaking to get the flat into the same clean state they move into especially at with the stress of moving. I then suggest I can get my professional cleaners in on the day afterthey vacate if that will help them and let them know the cost involved. If they do not take the bait, I offer to share the costs with them and “voila” everyone is happy. I confirm the arrangement by email and they agree in a reply email to have their share of the cost of cleaning deducted from the deposit. Problem solved and everyone is happy. Hope this helps.