I chose Rent Now

Hi all,

I recently viewed a flat and there were a lot of people there to view. I loved the flat and met the landlord. After I left, I really wanted to be ahead of the crowd and messaged the landlord that I’d like to go ahead with the application. I clicked the Rent Now option as Openrent said it would show that I’m serious about the property.

It’s been two days and haven’t had a response from the landlord. I’m scared I ruined my chances by doing this.

Did you place a holding deposit ?

I did. I basically hit rent now and placed the deposit. I left a nice message saying the move-in date required was perfect and I have a guarantor, etc.

Contact the landlord directly again. They may want to refund your holding deposit if they are not ready to make a choice yet.

Okay I did. I hope it doesn’t hinder my chances.

Good luck with it. It may be ok yet.


You need to not use the ‘Rent Now’ option.

I understand that you are keen but you need to understand that at the end oif the day, it’s the Landlord’s decision as to who he/she chooses. Your best bet is to contact him/her direct by text, do not pester and just wait. If you’ve not heard anything after 3 or 4 days then text again for an update.

IMO The Rent Now option is just useless. I automatically reject it and return the Deposit.


I’m a a landlord who uses OpenRent several times a year. I did not even know Rent Now existed until an applicant used it recently on a property I was marketing. I was surprised and confused by it at first and in the end it was a bit of a PITA. I ended up going with the tenant, who was great, but as I use my own contracts I had to get his deposit refunded by Open Rent and then paid direct to me.

Contact the landlord direct. Ideally by phone. It might just be a bit of a surprise to them. That said, they will be getting plenty of reminders so should be well aware of your interest.