Improvements made by tenants

We’ve had tenants in our rental property for two years and they have made improvements especially in the garden. They have erected new fencing and a decking area. They are moving out in October, am I liable to pay all or part of these improvements when they leave

No not unless you agreed to before the work was done. They may well take the decking with them !!

Thank you.
They did ask if they could make improvements to the garden but we didn’t agree to compensate them should they move.

Nothing in writing and no agreement to compensate for ‘improvements’ means no obligation to pay anything. However, if you feel the tenants have genuinely improved the long term value of your property then you may wish to consider making some payment and that the fixtures stay when they leave. Get any agreement in writing! I have had tenants in the past who have proposed to make internal improvements to a property by adding fixtures/fittings that would clearly add no value to it but would improve facility and aesthetics from their point of view and their specific tastes. In each case, I have agreed to the ‘improvements’ on the basis that they are fully removed and all original structures/finishes returned to their original condition before the end of tenancy. Funnily enough, they decided against.

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That’s very helpful, thankyou.