Rent reduction until garden work completed

Hi. New landlord here. About to rent out our first property however the garden will not be finished in time. This has been agreed with the tenant and we have agreed a rent reduction for 3 months whilst it is finished. How do I cover myself if they choose to use the garden and get injured whilst the works are carried out. It is a total refurbishment so there are walls being done, patio to be laid etc.
It is not realistic to say don’t use the garden as they have a dog or do I just say this to cover myself?
Thanks in advance

If you took legal advice you would be advised not to rent until the house is ready
David Smith said that at a webinar I attended last year
You won’t be able to cover yourself in this situation even if you offer a rent reduction
It would not stand up in court

What does your insurance company say? Come to think of it, what does the contractor say about this? They might find any liability isn’t covered by their insurance either if the T does get injured and sues them.

We are the contractor. The house has been agreed so not moving in is not an option. Is there any way around this?

If you’re the contractor, can you not simply fence off an area that is safe to restrict access to the entire garden?

I did think of this. Then we have taken reasonable precautions to prevent injury - in my mind anyway!!