Initial setup costs for landlors

This is the 1st time I would be renting out my 3 bedroom house.
Services & Prices are quite competitive and appealing and so I am considering to use Open Rent.

My queries are and I hope someone who may have used Open Rent before may know this.

  1. if I was to use an high street agent to find a tenant, can I still use Open Rent’s service for Property Management which seem to be a good deal for £44 per month.

  2. Has anyone used Open Rent’s Property Management before and if so what is your feedback, especially with emergency repairs, Cover for heating, plumbing, power and more, and annual gas and electricity servicing?

  3. I had my boiler serviced annually and has the certificate. Is this actually CP12 as it doesnt say on my Gas & Boiler Annual Service report.

  4. Once you request for services such as Gas, Electricity, Inventory , Pro Photos , floor plans , what is the lead time to get these completed?


All I will say is your first priority is to book the gas and electricity checks as there have been long delays and nobody can move in until done. Also, make sure you have the EPC thing done and made available to all people viewing the property, you shouldn’t be even doing viewings unless this is in place.

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A boiler service is not the same as a CP12 certificate. I have never used the Openrent services so can’t comment on them.

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Comment to your point 1.
If this is your first time renting, I strongly recommend you do the interviews yourself, there is nothing better than a face to face meeting to judge whether you like the person or would get on with them.
Always remember its in the agents interest to get the house rented ASAP, ask yourself would they be as thorough as yourself

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nothing like first hand experience Stay hands on

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