'Fully Managed' with OpenRent

We are new landlords who are checking the market for options prior to renting our house and moving abroad. For this reason we will need management of, for example, repair issues on our behalf.
OpenRent doesn’t appear to offer this type of service. Am I correct?

Have you not had work done on your house by good tradesmen could do any work whilst you are away?

Yes, that’s what I’m thinking. We could give the tradesman’s number to the tenants, then have jobs quoted before agreeing to them.
I’m comparing a few on-line agents (Howsy, RentMyHome, and OpenRent) with a few local high street letting agents.

the reason why I ask is I am a builder/ landlord. So I do all my repairs etc.If you have an agent you will be charged for that service. I refurbed a whole house for a man who went to Japan to work. We communicated by E mail . His parents came around to check on us and pay us . You can do similar.

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No Open rent dont offer

Try Natdav 020 3488 2380 great for this