Inspection clause in tennancy agreement

Does anyone know if open rent contacts have an inspection clause and break clause included. I’m wondering whether to pay for their contract or use another service.

Also for a 12 month tennancy, when would you ask the tennant to confirm if they are renewing at 10 months?

I would do 6 months, not 12, and would not renew. Less admin and cost and more flexibility to let it go periodic.


If they don’t serve the required notice at 11 months, I would make a polite enquiry as to their intentions.

I use 12 month contracts to spread the costs of finding & installing a new tenant, now we have to pay all the fees. If someone wants a 6 month contract I increase their rent to apportion the extra fee costs.

I would also let the contract run into a periodic tenancy, after the initial fixed term.


I went from a standard 6 months before COVID to 12 months when the eviction moratorium came in. My theory was that if I could not evict then the shorter contract didn’t give me any more flexibility. As already mentioned it also spreads your void period and costs of finding a new tenant over a longer period.

If we lose the S21 process (Which I think is an odds on bet) then I might well change to Two year contracts for the same reasons.