Tenancy period clarification


My current tenant whose 12-month contract ends on 6th Feb 2022, wants a 6 months contracts and 3 months rolling contract after 6 months, how does it affect me as a landlord, I mean, what are the guidelines that I need to be aware of before agreeing to this, please can someone help me.

many thanks,

A 6 month contract is/will be exactly the same as with your 12 month contract. Nothing odd there.

Not sure what they want in terms of a three month rolling contract? A periodic tenancy with a three month notice period or a 3 month AST renewing each three months?

Both I’d advice against. It’ll be tricky to get notice periods right and to keep on top of. Either renew with 6/12 month AST with break clause or let it go into statutory periodic for less hassle.

Why not just let it go periodic after the 12 months. More flexibility in case things go wrong.

thank you both for your responses.

Per: for your question, they want 3 months rolling contract, they want to give 3 months when they want and they want me to give 3 months if I want them to vacate.

They are looking for new builds to buy so they want to give me notice as soon as their offer is accepted as processing takes roughly 3 months.

Don’t bother. Let it lapse into periodic.

Remind the tenants though, that once they have given notice they should be sure that the purchase is ready to complete. First-time buyers are often naive in terms of the time-scale and believe they can just extend their lease with a few days etc. Make that clear that they cannot count on that.

thank you all for your responses :+1: