International Students - 6 months upfront

Hi all,

I have international students who are already in the UK studying (3rd year) and are looking to rent my property, they have agreed to pay 6 months rent upfront and will be taking a 12-month contract.

Is it okay to ask for the following:

  • 3 months bank statements
  • Passport copies and request Share Code

This is my first time renting a property, any other tips or advice would be helpful… I did read that the contract duration should read 11 months and one month (i think)

Thank you!

Yes, my tip would be get some professional help, (eg an agent) until youve done some landlord training (eg: Core Courses Training Academy | NRLA). At the moment you dont know what you dont know and you are in danger of making some very costly mistakes.

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Thanks David, i will do some research :slight_smile:

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