Invasion of privacy

Hi I’ve been renting a barn conversion for a year now. The barn is across the yard from the farmhouse where my landlords live. I live with my youngest son (age 31). When I met with the landlord to sign my AST I asked why he had not included my son on it and he said it was because he was not making any financial contribution. Since I moved in the landlord has become more controlling regarding my personal lifestyle. He has accused my son of having "rowdy parties with his delinquent friends when in fact he wasn’t even at the property at the time. He had a decorator to paint the windows and door at the front of the house but didn’t tell me. I woke one morning to find a man on a ladder outside my bedroom window. The following day he was staring through the lounge window!!! There is car park area I was told was for my use which the Landlord keeps blocking whilst he empties rubbish from an old storage barn which he wants to dismantle. Yesterday he asked about my son’s girlfriend. Apparently he is not happy about her stopping over. He has now ‘advised’ that I evict my son stating that after all he isn’t on the AST which incidently has become a statuatory periodic tenancy after the first 6 months. I see my only option being to give notice to vacate which is a shame because I love this house.

You are meant to be able to have quiet enjoyment of the property. Perhaps CAB would write to him on your behalf