Is it possible to transfer my tenancy to a new housemate?


I will be leaving my OpenRent property in mid-March to move in with my boyfriend. My current housemates and I signed a new contract starting on the 27 November 2018 with a 4 month break clause. My landlord has said he is happy for me to find a replacement tenant, but how can I ensure the paperwork no longer includes my name?

Is it possible for the OpenRent AST contract to be amended, so that the new tenant is liable for the rent and the deposit is held in their name?


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Hi Harriet,

We have a Help Centre article on just this topic:

Any questions, just let us know.


Thanks George - does this still apply before the end of the initial fixed term?

Hi George,

I’m in a similar situation–I’m leaving, my flat mate is staying. I have a question about steps 5 and 6 in the article you linked. In step 5, is the DPS deposit returned to and repaid by the tenant that’s staying? In step 6, does the tenant that’s staying have to pay the first month’s rent again? That wouldn’t make any sense, but the term “new tenancy” in the article is unclear to me. (Does the term apply only to the new tenant, or to all tenants since the contract is rewritten for the new, duplicate listing?)

Just trying to figure this out on behalf of my landlord.


Hi @Eric1,

You’re right on both counts (steps 5 and 6). We appreciate this isn’t the most streamlined of processes here, and we’re looking to make this easier for landlords.

Ultimately, the landlord would need to treat this as a new tenancy/Rent Now application, so the process needs to be ‘restarted’ so to speak. This would involve a new tenancy agreement being issued as you say.