Is it still legal for estate agent to charge for this?

Can my estate agent still charge for this? Not that I don’t intend to be there. But the fact that this vocabulary is still there in their letters annoys me. They are not legally able to charge for this rubbish anymore are they?

"Further to our conversation with you an appointment has been made for Emma to visit the property for an inspection on the 10th September at approx 11.15am. As confirmed with you we will meet you at the property

We would advise that it is imperative that if you are unable to make the appointment, you mustnotify the office in time to avoid a wasted journey. Failure to do so will result in a charge of £30 inclusive of VAT being levied against you for this visit."

Thank you for your comments/feedback.


No, they can’t charge that :slight_smile:

I’d just ignore it, personally. Better to have evidence they tried to charge you fees and use it later if you need leverage to counter any other dodgy stuff they try and pull.

Also - how annoying is the parroting of phrases they probably heard on tele?

Why don’t they just say “we will try and take your money”?



sam these sort of agents are now getting desperate. Having ripped of customers for years they are now getting their cumupance


just thought . can he charge them £30 if they dont turn up, after all theres no law against that


Thank you so much everyone for your support and responses.

These estate agents are thiefs and it’s good to know when the law is on your side.

Thanks again