Is messy walls considered as normal Wear and Tear?

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My tenants have checked out of the house as I had to move in. I had agreed for them to have pet when they moved in as they were very good and was hoping for them to do professional cleaning. They have done the end of tenancy cleaning by professional but have not done the carpet deep clean from them. Instead they have steam cleaned themselves using RugDoctor. My worry is since they had dog what if that has not been cleaned properly I could see some dog hairs on the corners. Since we have now 8 month old baby bit worried about him.

Another main question, there are stains on the walls some mud mark and some line mark on the walls. Are they considered as normal wear and tear? Or can I ask them fix it or fix it myself and deduct from the deposit?


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The open rent contract normally includes a flea treatment on departure
I would definitely ask for that if it is contract.
You can photograph the hairs and say it has not been done and ask them to cover the cost of your machine hire and labour time
Marks on walls are normal wear and tear and cannot be deducted from the deposit

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