Is OpenRent ARLA registered?

I need to get a letter from an ARLA registered agent confirming the rental value of my property for remortgage. Can OpenRent do this for me?

Hi Lisa, OpenRent is not a member of ARLA. Which lender/broker is asking for this letter?


Hi Sam

Thanks for responding.

Mortgage advisor tells me I will need it for when they go to remortgage my flat this month as I need to prove rentability… I have tenants moving in on the 30th sept with an agreed rent and at the moment just clearing referencing then will have contract…

Can OpenRent provide me a letter anyway?

Best wishes

We had the same request - from Virgin Money and it was only for a Consent to Let not a remortgage.

Having the same issue myself, unfortunately it means I don’t think I’m going to be able to use Openrent and will have to go through an estate agents which is a shame. Did either of you guys manage to get hold of one without handing your properties to an agent to manage?