Is this allowed?

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“Hi I have gone throu all the credit checks through open rent they have come back clear and I am medium risk therefore the landlord asked me to get a guarantor I got one in place and sent over the email to the landlord to send the paperwork over . He is now saying the bank won’t allow it after 2 days of me sorting it all .y wages more than cover the rent and the only reason my score is medium is because I’ve never lent money ect not because of non payment . Please can you let me no if this is allowed as open rent said anything was in process .”

It is the landlord’s choice to accept you or decline
If he has said no cut your losses and walk away
It’s frustrating but there is no point crying over spilt milk

Has the landlord said he’s rejecting you because of medium risk? The risk score tells you practically nothing. I had a prospective tenant the other day who had a low risk score, one of the few low risk scores I’ve ever had actually, but they had hardly any money and couldn’t afford the rent without UC top up.

If this is the reason, the landlord is being a fool and you should apply elsewhere.

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He said because he took a payment holiday on his mortgages he said there bein picky with him and keeping a close eye on him . I was putting a bond down and months deposit and a guarantor . The credit is medium risk only coz I’ve never lent anything but there isn’t any more I can do to reassure especially when my wage more than covers the rent and a full reference from the last property I was with for 5 years with no problems .

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I’m sure a different landlord will be more appreciative of your record. Good luck.

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