Is this an HMO?

Two of my adult children live with me plus I’m thinking of renting my 2 spare rooms to lodgers. My understanding is that that wouldn’t be an HMO. Is that correct? What if my daughter’s partner moved in with her? Would it become an HMO?
If it isn’t an HMO, is there any reason I might want to register it as an HMO anyway as a responsible landlord?
Thank you

It would be an HMO

Three or more unrelated people or two different households

If you are the home owner it would not be an HMO with two lodgers. The daughters partner counts as family and therefore a single household. if its not an HMO you really dont want to be getting involved with Council licensing so steer clear.


If she rents two spare rooms to lodgers it will be an HMO
I would speak to David Smith of JMW as he has gone through this in detail

There is a concession in the Housing Act 2004, (Schedule 14 s6(c)) for owner occupiers allowing them to take up to 2 lodgers or permanent guests without creating an HMO.

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