Items a Landlord can deduct

Can anyone suggest a good site to find out about everything a landlord can deduct at tax time? I have been renting out for years, but as we have fewer and fewer items we are allowed to deduct, I am wondering if there is something I have missed. Thanks if anyone has some ideas. I would ask my accountant, but whenever I ask him too many questions, I get charged extra. I guess he has to make a living too!


Great idea Brenda, a big list would be a helpful resource!

Hi Brenda, if you have had to extend your lease or buy building insurance and/or service charge also white goods, cooker, washing machine, fridge freezer. I must say it sounds like you are with the wrong accountant. If you want the details of someone better, let me know.

Don’t forget to add any mileage you do to and from the property at the government rate too… it can only be a few quid but all helps

Really good explanation here:

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Not just mileage to the tenants property but any related travel, ie going to the DIY store.

Go to the site. They have absolutely everything detailed… it is exhausting! You can claim for a replacement sofa, but only as long as it is a sofa. If you buy a sofa bed, that’s an improvement, so you can only claim for the cost of a sofa… until you replace the sofa bed when you can get the same quality of sofa bed… who is going to check this stuff? But if you want to get it right start reading and weeping…

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Does anyone know whether you can claim at least 25% off any council tax you need to pay between tenants? It doesn’t seem fair that the property is empty so no one is using the facilities yet the full amount is required.

Depends on your council. Our council gives discounts for 3 months for empty rental properties, but other councils give nothing

Can I ask what Council you are with? I am with Croydon.

Redditch borough council

Thank you for this. I will check with Croydon Council and see if they have any allowances.

Some councils actually charge more for a house when it is empty. This is hard on the landlord, but councils do it to discourage landlords from having empty properties.

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I live in Croydon and nope they do not give any discount. Their argument is that there is such a housing shortage in the borough that they don’t want properties left empty.