Keeping the Holding Deposit

Tenant told me his his credit was good and his employer would give a reference. Then when I did vetting he wouldnt give employer details and his credit report could not be found. I tried to help him showing how to check equifax himself but not he just isnt returning my messages? I want to keep the holding deposit because he has messed me around. How do i do that. It is now saying it will be returned to hime in 12 hours.

Any help greatly appreciiated

You would need to satisfy certain conditions to be able to keep a holding deposit.

  1. Is it covered by a holding deposit agreement specifying the circumstances where it can be retained? If youve used the Openrent system, this may be in place already.
  2. Do you have evidence that the applicant lied prior to referencing? This might come from an application form or written replies to initial sifting questions.
  3. Has less than 15 days elapsed since the deposit was taken.

If no to any of the above, then you probably cant justify keeping it.

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