Kitchen Worktop: Damage or Wear and Tear?

Hi all,

I would just like to get some advice on the condition of the wooden kitchen worktop (a sort of grey slate style) whether the stains could be considered wear and tear, or intentional damage. I haven’t been using any strong chemicals other than standard washing up liquid and bleach to clean it. I’ve been living at the property for 9 months, but I would greatly appreciate any advice as to whether it can be classified as reasonable wear and tear or as damage - it can up a few months ago though (although I don’t really know what is causing it.). I’ve attached some photos to the message to show.

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bleach? are you sure you mean bleach? that could be a problem if it really is bleach.

Cannot see the photos.

Not sure what wear and tear is acceptable, as my kitchen worktop is a few years old and not a scratch.

Have you been putting neat bleach on it ? That is one of the “strongest chemicals” known to man !

I can’t see any photo’s, but, as a tenant myself, and coming from the cleaning and hygiene industry, I would never use neat bleach on a kitchen surface - (depending on the contact time) and how well it was washed off.
Neat thickened bleach can even damage a toilet bowl if left to stand for too long.
Without a photo, one cannot say wear and tear or damage.
If it came up a few months ago, I would have mentioned it to my landlord immediately and taken photos etc.

Hope you get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:


Sorry guys I know it’s been a while but I’ve just posted the pictures

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Once again, sorry for the delay in sending the photos. I thought they would have uploaded properly on the first post.

It does look a mess tbh.
Is that because of the bleach do you think? If it is, unfortunately, I would have thought you need to accept some responsibility for it, but others may think differently.
Was it in good condition when you moved in?

I don’t remember the stains being there when I moved in. I may have to accept responsibility for it. I’m the only person who lives here