Burnt worktops on new tenacy

Hello I am due to move into my new apartment 8th July (this Friday) and when I have gone to the apartment again now the previous tenants have moved out the kitchen work tops are all cut and burnt. The landlord is disputing that they have to replace this as it is classed as “general wear and tear” yet they want over 2 grand off us to move in !

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Are you able to post a picture?

You mean you couldn’t see this when you viewed the flat and it is only visible now?

It really depends on how bad it is. So I second Colin’s question about a picture.

I don’t have a picture of the burns, but this is one of the worktops

I’m actually not sure which scratches are part of the worktop’s pattern and which are real scratches. I don’t know what I’d advise here, maybe someone else can help.

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From the picture, I cant see that your landlord could be compelled to change the worktop. If you cant live with it as is then you could ask to unwind the tenancy on the basis that its materially different to the property you viewed. I would be cautious about trying to press this legally though for cosmetic damage.

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I can see the scratches but don’t know if anyone would consider it bad enough for replacement but if when you viewed it, it was in better condition you could push the issue.

I get what you mean that things like thism, make the whole thing look shabby and you will notice it each time you walk in.

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