Labour say Tenant can buy your buy to let

On the Andrew Marr show. the Deputy leader of the Labour party today said they were in favour of tenants of PRIVATE landlords having the right to buy the rental property . ie the landlord has to sell it whether he wants to or not ! any thoughts landlords?

Hi Colin
I have just learned the other day of this from my brother who happens to be a barrister. I find it unbelievable that having worked our balls off in renovating and maintaining our property that if the labour party gets in power they plan to implement this bill. We as landlords are hammered already regards tax relief, stamp duty and more and more red tape. We have over the years invested thousands of pounds renovating houses, flats and shops some that are listed buildings, all to the highest standards and now there’s a chance that a labour government in a round about way steel them off us. I thought this could only happen in a communist country or am I missing something here. Its bollocks.


I know there are nutcases in power, I did not realise there are nutcases not yet in power

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Totally agree with your opinion Colin.

But they plan to stop council tenants or housing assoc, tenants buying their places. So will we then be looking for tenants who Cannot afford to buy knowing our property is safe from purchase . Crazy Labour party. Idiots

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Dear Colin, I read this from Labour last week also.

I think this is pie in the sky there is no way it can happen. I plan pass on my property to my children.

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Simon Hi why say it in the first place ? Politicians cannot be believed I know but who are they trying to please with these sort of coments.

Labour should change their name to the communist party.

I wonder how many landlords will be voting labour in the next general election?


I agree, this is what you expect from the likes of Putin. Many many tenants are tenants because they cannot get a mortgage to buy even the most humblest of homes. How many MP’ s are landlords . What about institutions that have invested in property for pension reasons? Idiots in goverment idiots wanting to be in goverment.

Hi Colin, interesting thread!

Great question. The answer is actually a lot – i.e. way more than the UK average of around 9% of adults. There have been a fair few by-elections and resignations since 2017, but Channel 4 News put it at around 20% of MPs.

And of course those who are landlords are far more likely to sit on the committees that debate housing policy. E.g. Kevin Hollinrake, who founded the estate agent Hunters, attending the PRS APPG and sitting on the Housing Committee.

I would agree that this policy will probably not happen though, because it would be a huge change to UK’s notions of property rights that would require equally huge majority to enact. But the Labour party don’t seem like they will get huge majority (at the moment anyway).


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Sam 9% of adults in the uk are Landlords ? i did not know it was so high. Thats a lot of people to vote en masse against the Labour party. Maybe 2 million? I get the bit about it probably wont happen. But funny things happen in the world. Who thought Trump would be USA president? Boris? Brexit Why Labour say such a stupid thing in the first place.

Lots of valid comments above. One would hope this never happened, but it does seem that landlords have been targeted a lot over recent years.

  1. Changes like section 24, and then the tenant fee ban.
  2. All the hoops were required to leap through before we can use section 21
  3. Talk of scrapping section 21.
  4. This latest brain child of the communist party.

Anyone would think the government of all parties were trying to get rid of the PRS.

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like to see them rehouse everyone in Public/council/ housing association properties. Not a chance


Perhaps everyone should open their eyes before it is to late. Don’t vote labour.

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It’s quite worrying that such a proposal has been pledged by the Labour Party nutters. I think the legality of forcing anyone to sell their own property AND at a discount is highly questionable! and will undoubtedly meet with considerable resistance. It’s obviously a way of buying votes as there are more renters than landlords but it would make an interesting test case when the Landlord simply responds “it’s not for sale”.
I have also heard additional unconfirmed issues regarding the council tax on rental property being the responsibility of the Landlord and not the Tenant and at the same time imposing a rent cap which would stop Landlords offsetting the cost.
The third issue is a “garden tax” which is applicable to any property that has a garden and again would be targeted at the Landlord.

While I’m sure this would never even get off the ground as an idea let alone a series policy it does make me despair that this is now the choice we’re left with in this country between these kind of sinical vote bribing policies and a hard right nationalist party that seems hell bent on destroying the economy and selling out our country to the lowest American bidders. Guess it’s the lib dems then!


Landlord paying the council tax? I will want a year up front… Garden tax? I will burn all my properties first.

The writing is on the wall for landlords. what with tony blair and his bonding deposits, osborne adding 3 percent extra stamp duty, theresa removing fees and making us do the border controls job. the section 21 removal is the final straw. we had 34 rental units and are down to 12 and dropping. its envy of us landlords making a few bob without realising its hard work esp with difficult tenants. if i was younger i would emigrate


Labour is very much a communist party.

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It’s all about votes Colin. They think the dolites and renters etc will give them more votes. Then there’s the I have voted Labour all my life types. I do not think they have a hope in hell. Hence why they refused a new election. If Labour ever get in that is when I sell up and live out my life on the proceeds. Less stress.