Landlord ask payslips for his private email

Hi there,
This would be our very first property renting.
I wrote a landlord that i would like to rent his property if he agrees, without a viewing as we very far away from him. He asked many relevant questions (payslips etc.) which is totally fair but he wants the answers for his personal email.
Is this okay? I am unsure at this point.

rent without viewing first? Minefield.


I would ask them to be sent to my email
Do you want all your private data on a portal fir open rent to see??

Open rent will handle my money (deposit) so i think my answer is yes. Rather than a stanger receiving my data or bank statement. Or am i wrong?

Open rent is a stranger too!
Personally I use the portal to advertise only and I would only conduct viewings in person and would ask to see all documents.
I don’t understand why if you have to live in a property for 6 to 12 months you would not make the effort to go and look at it but you are worried about having to share data with a stranger
The largest number of scams are those that are done with virtual viewings
He has taken a leap of faith with a virtual so should you

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You are right. I need to find a place closer to us otherwise a train ticket would be 200pounds for us if we want to view this property or other.
I will think about it, and read a bit more about the whole process. Thanks.

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So, a majority of landlords here on openrent are private so they would most likely use their personal e-mail. That’s nothing to be worried about.

What you should be worried about is the landlord not doing proper referencing but wanting to see your bank accounts. I would only ask to see an applicants bank account if there’s some other red flag.

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It was not exactly a personal email, rather was a company’s. Anyway, i leave it.

I ask to see bank statements
Tessa S advocates it
It gives you a real time view of how your tenant is living - within or beyond means , gambling issues etc
You can see if rent , utilities, council tax was paid etc etc
Landlords may not be transparent about rent arrears if they are trying to help a tenant leave !