Landlord asking for last month deposit, is that safe?

Where can I talk to openrent, Landlord asking for deposit one month more direct to her account.

Is that safe? If I can not get any help in openrent, I would say openrent is not a safe platform and will not proceed .

Many landlords who use openrent require deposit paid direct to them. This is normal.

Openrent is a safe platform, but you must be aware. Never hand over anything before viewing.

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Yes, it’s safe. It’s called security deposit and can be up to 5 weeks’ monthly rent. It protects landlord against you damaging the place or making it dirty and then moving out without paying for damage or cleanup.

It is protected with one of registered deposit protection schemes, so LL end up not holding your deposit. You can’t pay deposit directly to deposit protection scheme. LL has to do it, hence request to pay into their bank account.

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If we had the viewing and landLord on the openrent is not verified landlord then is that safe to pay directly to them? How we can protect from scammers In this situation?

We do it the following way. T signs tenancy agreement (legal document) and pays security depsit at the same time. They pay it by bank transfer, which clearly can be traced.

On the first day of the tenancy (or the day before) T pays first month rent and gets the keys. Again, by bank transfer.

If you are worried that this person may take your money and run with it, ask them to prove the ownership of the flat/house. The legal document is called Title Deeds and should be on LL’s name (they can show you passport to confirm it). You can also confirm the ownership in Land Registry, in case both passport and Title Deeds are forged (absolutely not worth it for such sum of money).

In the inlikey event that LL takes your money, won’t rent you the place and won’t give a refund, court is the place to fight it. By then you have verified LL’s identity and ownership of the place. You also have their bank account details and proof of transaction. You have everything you need to convince the judge to rule in your favour.

I never heard of genuine LL who were stupid enough to take deposit and run with it. However, an imposter can do it. Make sure to check them if you are worried.

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You are entitled to ask for evidence of ownership before handing over money.