Holding deposit straight to landlord

Is it safe to pay the holding deposit direct to the lanlords bank account? If he rejects my application how do I know il get it back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Make sure that the landlord sends you a holding deposit agreement specifying the terms under which it can be refunded and also that you have proof that they are the owner or authorised landlord of the property before you hand over money.

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He just sent me the bank details and told me to tell him when it’s in

you have seen the property? Has he shown you a lease?

I seen the property on monday it got took off and then put back on then he rang me today saying yo out the holding deposit into his bank

iF he has put it back on then i would not pay a holding deposit. If paying I would do thru open rent assuming its listed with them.

I did pay through openrent he said he was rejecting it and to pay it straight to him I’ve not done it it doesnt seem right to me

dont do it ,that is not honest. walk away now

Zoe dont do it .it smells wrong and a fiddle

Sounds like a scam. Report him to Openrent

I have told them they havnt done anything about it as far as I know

Hi Zoe,

You’re right to be cautious here - if the landlord is asking to take a holding deposit outside of our platform, you should take a receipt for the Holding Deposit and ask the Landlord to confirm in writing what terms the Holding Deposit will be governed by.

You can find our full guide on how to proceed in this situation below:

It’s worth noting that many landlords do prefer to create tenancies themselves and this needn’t necessarily be a cause for concern.

You’re welcome to tell the landlord that you would be more comfortable if we were to arrange the tenancy on their behalf using the Rent Now process, but bear in mind they might not be willing to change their mind on this.

If you’ve got any further questions, please feel free to contact us at https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions

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I do tenancies by myself. But I always show my NRLA membership card to tenant.

Also when the holding deposit is paid to me I give a receipt of the payment and also get signature
As holding deposit received by me
And tenants signature as they paid it
With all explanations about holding deposit and conditions
Give a one copy to them and one copy to myself.

Please note if you or any tenants really worried Or concerned about Legal owner then they could check the ownership of the property from Land Registry with little cost.

Also if you have seen the property through the Openrent and it was advertised on Rightmove and OpenRent do ask for proof of ownership.

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