Landlord being negligent

Good evening,

I live in a 3 bedroom basement flat in Farsley.
We have contacted our landlord regarding the issue of leaks, condensation, mould and damage to personal property. Following the complaint we were issued a section 21 notice to vacate, however , the landlord did not assess any of the issues within the property that we have raised to him. He has asked to come round and visit however before we weren’t even given enough time to organise a suitable time to visit before the notice was issued.

We were also never issued a 6a form to offer advice on how to move forward.

Additional points we made to the landlord were that his members of staff were being invasive and found looking through windows whilst they were open - after confronting the issue we were accused of lying despite having all relevant dates and communications. Secondly, after receiving the section 21 letter within 24 hours our electric supply was disconnected despite us asking for £10 to be added the previous day. We are stuck on who to speak to about the issue as we believe the landlord has been negligent and has not shown any duty of care towards us. We are a young full time working couple who just want to live life peacefully and comfortably however our landlord is making this extremely difficult for us and it’s really having a negative affect on our mental health.

Did you complain about the leaks, mould etc in writing? If so then you should contact the Council environmental health team now about it and they will write to your landlord. If they send him an improvement notice, then his s21 notice will be invalid and if he tries to take it to court it will be struck out.

If you only complained verbally to the landlord then his s21 notice will still stand provided he has complied with the other requirements of the notice.

I’m not sure what you’re saying about the electricity. Do you pay your landlord for this? Has the supply been cut off? Explain everything to the Council.

It sounds like you have a bad landlord and you may be better off finding somewhere nicer to live anyway.


Hi David,

Yes all is in writing!

And with regards to the electricity we are on a top up meter which goes directly through the landlord, after sending our £10 we came home and found the electricity had completely been disconnected and was showing ‘connect’ on the meter in the communal area. After asking for this to be put on his response was ‘any news on rent’ rent is due 02/08 to which we always pay however we were slightly later in the day with payment and so he disconnected our electric.

to disconnect the electric is illegal Report to L/A

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As I said, it will be relatively easy for you to invalidate his s21 notice by complaining to the local authority that this is a revenge eviction.

I’m really sorry about your plight. It is landlords like yours that give the rest of us a very bad name.

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