Landlord Deposit Notification

Hi everybody,

I hope somebody could clarify the following situation.

Regarding the deposit, the legal guidance states ‘the landlord has to give the following to you in writing within 30 working days of receiving the deposit’:

  • the amount of the deposit and the date they received it
  • the date the deposit was paid into the tenancy deposit scheme
  • the address of the property
  • a statement confirming they’re registered (or have applied to be registered) as a landlord in the property’s local council area
  • the name and contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme provider they used
  • the conditions in which all or part of your deposit can be kept at the end of the tenancy
  • information about sanctions if the deposit is late

The attached image is all we received upon paying the deposit almost 2 years ago (2021). Our scheme is My Deposits Scotland. We received an email to activate our deposits account a couple of weeks ago (after our tenancy ended). We got sent the certificate again but with a different Protection Certificate Number, the deposit went from being under the Estate Agent to the private Landlord.

The landlord is now trying to claim huge chunks of our deposit for ridiculous and unfair things so I’m just trying to find out where we stand and if she’s done everything correctly.

My query is: Does the attached image suffice (my understanding is this is just the confirmation of deposit protection, or does she actually have to give it to us personally in writing?

Was the other information in any of the other documents you were given, such as the tenancy agreement?

Hi David. No, it’s not in any documents that I’m aware of.

Why dont you just decline his request for the money and ask for the scheme to adjudicate. Thats what its there for - to stop unfair claims against the deposit.

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